How VapeAway Works

There are 3 basic reasons why people can’t quit vaping

  1. Nicotine Addiction
  2. Oral Fixation
  3. Lack of Support

Well, with the help of doctors, scientists, and addiction specialists, VapeAway has successfully patented the first and only comprehensive safe solution that addresses all these issues with its revolutionary drug-free 3 part approach that includes:

The Universal Filter

Helps the user taper off the nicotine gradually


Assists in tapering the user off their e-cigarette gradually

The Support System

Guides the user with daily content to help them on their quitting journey

VapeAway filter demonstration

Vaping without the filter ⬇️
Vaping with the VapeAway filter on ⬇️

Clearly, the VapeAway technology showcases its remarkable capabilities. Even with the level 3 filter, which effectively eliminates 75% of toxins and nicotine, the vaping experience remains virtually unaltered

VapeAway is the only technology in the world that lets people try to quit vaping while still using their own e-cigarette device.

The Universal filter easily adapts over the most popular devices


How our customers are feeling

The Fallas family story


I feel much better using these filters, I can feel the difference and no more liquid getting in my mouth from the pod. I literally don’t want to vape without the filter on it so I feel like after a few more months I can see myself cutting down all the way & quitting, I have already dramatically cut down with the amount of pods I buy compared to before 🙌🏻 these are great

Stacy – USA


I have definitely started vaping less since starting the VapeAway system, the hard part for me is that my husband also vapes and has no interest in quitting so I’m constantly around it. I am hoping to lessen my nicotine addiction with the goal to just quit on my own using the VapeAway system.

Monica – NJ

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

The only non-toxic solution that helps you quit vaping while you still get to vape, it’s amazing!

Abraham - AZ


You could feel the filters working as they’re blocking out some of the harsh chemicals. The pull also feels much smoother on the back of my throat. These filters are working for me and I highly recommend them…. save your lungs!!

George – NC


I’ve been vaping for three years now I want to quit so badly. I found this product online and thought I’d try it and so glad I did. I’m almost finished with level 2 and I’m already vaping less and my cravings for nicotine have diminished quite a bit. I can honestly say I believe in VapeAway as the solution!

Bobby – OH


VapeAways patented technology introduces a revolutionary “Universal Filter” that attaches to most popular e-cigarettes. The VapeAway filter gradually reduces nicotine and harmful toxins from entering the body helping to reprogram the brain while ensuring the vaping experience remains virtually identical.

With science based evidence, supported by Doctors and clinical studies that prove when a user reduces their nicotine intake gradually they are more likely to quit their nicotine dependency and that’s exactly what the VapeAway filters help do.


Watch How The Vapeaway Filter Technology Works


Specifically designed to address the oral fixation, commonly associated with vaping, and redirect focus, the Vapeaway FIX+BAR serves as a fulfilling alternative to the physical act of vaping, delivering a tactile & sensory experience that mimics the hand-to-mouth motion and oral sensation.

Pair your FIX+BAR with our mint infused toothpicks, as this dynamic combination. This dynamic combination is carefully formulated to support and combat the psychological and physiological effects associated with oral fixation.



VapeAways Support System is aimed to help those truly determined to quit vaping. Through curated videos, uplifting messages, and invaluable tips and tricks, we offer unwavering guidance and encouragement. Our support system serves as a guiding light, helping individuals reduce nicotine intake, conquer oral fixation, and overcome cravings one step at a time.

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Vapeaway is on a mission to help as many people as we can quit vaping. To make that a reality, we are offering a limited-time deal – we will ship you or your loved one the entire VapeAway System absolutely for free to try, no risk, no shipping costs, no obligation to keep it!

Everything You Need For Your Quitting Journey is Included:

  • 63 universal filters
  • 3 FIX+BARS
  • 150 minted toothpicks
  • 63 daily support system videos
  • Calendar to chart your daily progress
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